Geomechanical Analysis

Geomechanics is the branch of engineering dealing with the mechanical behavior of geologic formations that are influenced by and can affect the injection, production, and storage of fluids deep in the subsurface.

Geomechanical analysis plays a crucial role in petroleum exploration, development, and production- with a specific importance in hydraulic fracturing of unconventional resources.  Gas storage geomechanics is vitally significant for the safe and secure storage of underground natural gas and geologic carbon dioxide sequestration.  Geothermal operations, which present both temperature and pressure changes, require geomechanical understanding to manage and prevent any associated surface or subsurface deformations or risks of fracturing, faulting and induced seismicity.

Industry Leader

With worldwide experience and unsurpassed customer service, GeoMechanics Technologies is the industry leader in the advanced geomechanical analysis of:

  • Wellbore stability
  • Well damage risk analysis and design
  • Shale fracture mechanics
  • Reservoir compaction and surface subsidence
  • Salt deformation and salt cavern analysis
  • Geothermal reservoir mechanics
  • Gas storage mechanics
  • Injection well design, permitting, and monitoring

Worldwide Experience

Over the past 25 years, our wide-ranging experience includes research, analysis, and consulting projects in North and South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Far East, Europe, and Africa. We look forward to applying our unique expertise and capabilities to support your project needs whenever and wherever they arise.

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