Integrated 3D geologic, flow, and geomechanical modeling

GeoMechanics Technologies uses a unique technical approach, which involves coupling the geologic, fluid flow, and geomechanics models to fully evaluate the risks of structural deformation due to pressure or temperature changes in the field.

We begin by developing a 3D geologic model of the area through interpretation and analysis of well log data, seismic data, and core data.  We also accept geologic models provided by clients, in various geologic output model formats.  Next, we use the stratigraphic and lithologic information as input for our fluid and heat flow simulations.  The results can then be analyzed using our geomechanical modeling software to evaluate the risks associated with changes in subsurface stress and rock deformations.

We have successfully applied this integrated modeling technique to evaluate and provide the following services:

  • Wellbore Stability Analysis
  • Well Damage Risk and Design Optimization
  • Optimum Trajectory and Mud Weight Analysis
  • 3D Geomechanical Model Construction from Seismic or Well Log Information
  • Induced Stress-Strain Analysis
  • Induced Faulting Analysis
  • Compaction and Subsidence Analysis
Integrated modeling workflow