Permitting and Regulations

Well permits and regulations are required by local and federal agencies for any well drilling. Permitting ensures proper drilling and operations management of the wells and protection of the underground sources of drinking water and the environment. Permit applications must be submitted for drilling a new well, re-work/re-drill, plugging and abandonment of an existing well, and Well Stimulation Treatment. GeoMechanics Technologies offers a turnkey service to assist clients from preparation to submittal of the permit application. Services include:

  • Preparation of the application form(s) for Class I, Class II, Class V and Class VI wells
  • Perform geologic and well review of the site/field and Area of Review (AoR)
  • Perform fluid and heat flow simulations for injection wells
  • Plug and abandonment plan
  • Licensed civil engineering permits review

Our team has experience with successfully obtaining the injection permit and operating the first onshore contaminated soil slurry injection project in California (see Sipple-Srinivasan et al, 1998).  We have obtaining the first naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) injection project in the US (see Reed et al, 2001), the first oily waste injection project in Canada (see Bruno and Bilak, 1995), and the first brine, digested sludge, and biosolids deep well injection project in the world, conducted for the City of Los Angeles (see Bruno et al, 2005Bruno et al, 2011).  We have analyzed and measured in the field reservoir fracture gradient for UIC permitting in the LA Basin and the San Joaquin Basin. We have prepared numerous applications for industry clients and government organizations.  We are a licensed drilling contractor and licensed civil engineering company for the State of California.

City of Los Angeles well permitted and drilled in 2014. Application prepared by GeoMechanics Technologies