Salt Deformation and Salt Cavern Analysis

Understanding the mechanics and behavior of underground salt deposits require fundamental knowledge of the visco-plastic behavior of salt material.

Drilling through and beneath large salt deposits occur in oil and gas exploration to locate and exploit trapped hydrocarbon reservoirs.  Solution mining of salt caverns, which can be used for storage of petroleum products or disposal of wastes, also requires advanced drilling analysis.

Drilling through salt can alter the stresses in the near well region and may induce long-term creep. Producing formations adjacent or beneath salt may distribute stresses over a larger area and can induce salt formation deformations.

GeoMechanics Technologies has extensive experience analyzing salt behavior, developing improved salt deformation models, assessing the impact of salt deformation on wells, and evaluating cavern deformations for both domal and bedded salt formations. Our services include:

  • Analysis of salt formation creep and well damage risks
  • Geomechanical modeling of specific cavern designs to assess stability, optimum design characteristics, or communication risks
  • Salt cavern conversions analysis

Our expert analysis and recommendations offer drilling engineers the ability to make informed decisions, promoting the safety and efficiency of Salt formation production or storage.

Optimizing well trajectories close to salt domes

Full scale 3D geomechanical model for salt caverns close to fault